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New Metrorail City Project Perth, Australia

Owner : Public Transport Authority
General contractor : Leighton Kumagai J.V.
Consultant : Basler & Hofmann Singapore
Application : Soft-Eye
FiReP Solution : FiReP Rebar reinforcement as soft eye for the William Street Station
Construction date : 2004
TBM information : 7.64m diameter, 10.4Km and 1.6Km
Products : FiReP Rebar 32mm rods, FiReP Rebar 20mm stirrups and rods
General information : FiReP offers its customers and partners system solutions with fibre-reinforced polymers under the brand name FiReP.
In the areas of rockbolting systems, reinforcement, shuttering ( formwork) ties, and special solutions we apply formidable knowledge from development to production to application.
FiReP - fiber reinforced polymer - is our special type of glassfibre reinforced plastic ( GRP ) and your solution for tough technical requirements.

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