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Downtown Line Stage 2; C920

Owner : Land Transport Authority
General contractor : Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd (STEC)
Application : Soft-Eye
Construction date : 1. 06/2010   2. 08/2010
Products : 1. FiReP Rebar straight d=40mm, d=28mm
    FiReP Rebar stirrup d=28mm
2. FiReP Rebar straight d=40mm, d=28mm, d=22mm
    FiReP Rebar stirrup d=28mm

General information : 1. Newton Station
Newton Station is an already existing station, served by the North South Line. As part of the Downtown  Line Stage 2 project 
  • the station has been extended to serve also the Downtown Line. 1 TBM break-through     with a FRP reinforced diaphragm wall was used with FiReP Rebar. 
  • 2. 2 TBM break-through
         FRP reinforced d-wall

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