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Downtown Line Stage 2; C916

Owner : Land Transport Authority
General contractor : McConnel Dowel SEA Pte Ltd
Application : Soft-Eye
FiReP Solution : FRP reinforcement for TBM break-through 
Construction date : 06/2010
Products : FiReP Rebar straight d=38mm, FiReP Rebar stirrup d=22mm
General information : Contract 916 included the construction of Beauty World station and associated tunnels. The station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit station on the Downtown Line Stage 2. The commencement of construction for Downtown Line 2 has begun on 3 July 2009 with a groundbreaking ceremony at the Beauty World station.
The station provides two tracks. For two TBM break-through FRP reinforced bore piles using FiReP reinforcement.
The station will open in 2015.

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