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Conrad Observatory Phase II

Owner : ZAMG 
General contractor : ÖSTU - STETTIN
Consultant : iC consulenten Ziviltechniker GesmbH
Application : Non metalic rock support
FiReP Solution : GRP mesh, GRP bolts
Construction date : 2010 - 2011 
Excavation method : NATM 
Products : FiReP GRP Powermesh; FiReP K60-35, 25mm GRP Powerthread; L= 6.0m, 4.0m and 3.0m; FiReP GRP Nuts and GRP Plates 
General information : The Conrad Observatory stage II will provide storage space for measuring and electronic equipment in a gallery with a length of approximately 1‘500 m. The complete gallery is constructed according to NATM in a difficult limestone ground. Especially the avoidance of magnetic materials such as steel reinforcement had to be considered during the construction process. Therefore the project tender allowed only GRP and plastic material to be applied. In the area of critical ground conditions in total 10.000 m2 of FiReP GRP Powermesh was used for reinforcing the shotcrete lining. For further anchorage support measures, 25mm FiReP GRP Powerthread bolts with GRP nuts and plates were installed.

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