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Cavern Ursy

Owner : ELSA-Mifroma, Ursy, Switzerland
General contractor : Deneriaz SA, Grisoni Zaugg
Consultant : Perss SA, Fribourg
Application : GFRP rock bolt for permanent application  
FiReP Solution : non-corrosive strata support
Construction date : 2010-2011
Products : FiReP Rebar straight d=12mm, stirrup d=12mm, spacer d=12mm 
General information : MIFROMA, a Swiss company located in Ursy, is specialized in the refinement of cheeses. Different kinds of chees maturate for some months in a sediment stone cave which was naturally created within thousands of years. The storage capacity howerver needs to be increased by an additional manmade cavern which provides the same climate condiotions of the natural cave. Therefore a concrete lining is omitted. The permanent lining consist of a single-layer, corrosion resistant reinforcement mesh along with the GFRP rockbolt FiReP Powerthread ø32mm and GFRP nuts and plates. The continuous threaded FiReP  owerthread bolts with lengths between 3m and 6m are installed with rockbolt cartridges in a grid of 1.5m x 1.5m. Due to it's mechanical properties the FiReP Powerthread guaranties high strengths as well as high corrosion resistance.

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