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Airport Zurich

Owner : Flughafen Zürich AG 
General contractor: ARGE Fido B (Implenia, Walo Bertschinger AG, Specogna)
Consultant : Basler & Hofmann
Application : Steel free slab reinforcement to avoid electro magnetic circuit. 
FiReP Solution : FiReP GFRP reinforcement bar for durable application 
Construction date : 2009 - 2010 
Products : P60-12 Permanent Rebar
General information : The reconstruction of Dock B is the key project of enhancing capacity of the airport Zurich and also cope with the "Schengen" requirements. The Project foresees further the construction of a second airfield at the front of the Dok B. The airfield comprises signalization installation in the slabs. Therefore in those regions any electromagnetic conductivity in the reinforced concrete slabs need to be avoided.

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